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Kristanna Loken Topless

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Here’s a trio of sizzling hot photos showing Kristanna’s firm, perky assets in different ways, and any one of them is enough to give a guy some Norwegian wood for this Nowegian-blooded hottie.  The first pic shows off Kristanna Loken’s boobies in a way that best suits her, in my opinion, because she’s wearing something sporty, and Kristanna is one fit and athletic girl, which is part of the reason she was considered for the T-X part in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines“.  And besides, check out that wicked hot cameltoe she’s sporting with that outfit on!

In the second pic, Kristanna is looking really, really desirable in a more traditionally erotic way, with sexy thong underwear on and her titties being flashed by raising the front up her shirt upwards.  Both her tits and her nice, firm booty can bee seen in the image because of that mirror behind her, and you can see that her body is just perfect!  Even if you can’t tap that cybernetic ass, watching it in action in some carnal action, with a lesbian partner maybe, should satisfy your desire to jerk-off for weeks!

And if you’re into some kinky stuff, we’ve got Kristanna Loken in the bathroom for the third pic.  What she’s doing there aside from showing off her luscious chest torpedoes, I don’t know.  Just the suggestion of some kinky session about to go down ought to get those of you into that stuff all hot n’ bothered, I’m sure.  Who knew that Terminators used the bathroom?  And who knew there’d be so much topless Kristanna Loken stuff around?  Well, if you’ve ever checked this site out, you’d have known that last bit, and you could’ve been enjoying her juicy boobies for a long time now…